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For example, let's say you are an easygoing person who likes to see the humor in most situations; a planner who is also easy going and easy to laugh with can make the planning process more bearable for you. 

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You may also find it easier to share your wants and needs with them than, say, a more serious planner who takes a more no-nonsense approach to getting a job done. I am not saying that your personalities should be the same, but that they should complement each other in such a way that you work and communicate so well that the job is done more easily and to your satisfaction. 

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For example, say that you are a bit shy or find it difficult to express your needs to others; a planner with a similar personality may not be the best work partner for you. Since neither of you are big talkers, the vision for your wedding day may not be as realized as it could be if you choose a planner who is a little more talkative and one you can easily talk to. 

Choosing a planner that is not compatible can easily lead to conflict and clashes, which can affect your working relationship and negatively impact the end product of all your work ... the event itself. 

For example, you may feel uncomfortable working with someone who seems a little too relaxed because you think they might not take their job seriously enough and this makes you worry that they won't do the job as well as someone who more demanding. 

Or you might be someone who feels that a sense of humor and a little lightheartedness make the whole work experience a much more fun process and add to your productivity, but your planner is the more serious type, and laughter and fun just don't fit their plan. While I simplify the issue of personality and work ethic and how it can affect your business partnership, the idea here is to understand that in fact we are all very different people and we all approach performing tasks in different ways. 

This does not mean that one personality type is better to work with than another, or that one type of person does better than another. What I mean is we all have a way to get a job done, we just choose different ways to get it done.

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